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Tax and Accounting guidance for start-ups & SMEs

VAT Basics Explained

Find out all you need to know about VAT in our jargon buster guide.

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Company Tax Return - Accounting Period

All privately-owned businesses must fill out an annual Company Tax Return – the period between these returns is known as the ‘accounting period’.

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Childcare vouchers vs. tax-free childcare - what's the difference?

Read up on the changes to childcare vouchers from October 2018, how it will affect you and what you need to do to apply for the new tax-free childcare.

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Getting a refund or interest on your Corporation Tax

In the unlikely event that you overpay HMRC for your Corporation tax, they will repay any excess funds, as well as provide interest on top of that. HMRC’s interest rate is set at 0.5%.

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The loan charge, plus disguised renumeration tax avoidance schemes

From 5 April 2019, the government will be implementing a loan charge in which you will have to pay a fee for any outstanding loan you have received through a disguised remuneration tax avoidance scheme since 6 April 1999.

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